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Richard Einhorn
Richard Einhorn
May 21, 2024
Jun 6, 2024

Return on investment (ROI) is an approximate measure of an investment’s profitability for a business. Calculators that work this out aren’t new, and your sales and marketing teams probably already use them to some extent.

In sales, the idea behind ROI calculators is to overshadow a product’s cost by presenting your solution in outcome terms instead. This is crucial in value selling, and all good business cases showcase an ROI – especially when CFOs have more influence than ever

However, traditional ROI calculators suffer from some serious limitations and are easily misused by GTM teams. 

The last piece of the puzzle

ROI calculations are ubiquitous, so buyers have probably seen similar figures from your competitors. It comes down to two problems: 

  1. How accurate and up-to-date is this data? 
  2. How relevant is this to wider stakeholder concerns? 

Products, business needs, and buyer expectations change more rapidly these days. For example, the average SaaS contract length is shrinking. A survey by Gartner found that 72% of businesses now prioritise budget flexibility, which means the conditions of your ROI calculations can change in an instant. 

Moreover, if your ROI calculations aren’t made with the direct input of your buyer (who knows their company better than you do), then they’re unlikely to reflect the true value of your product convincingly. Rather, they’re simply assertions and likely to collapse under the slightest pressure from more diligent buying committee members. 

Secondly, leading with ROI is no longer sufficient to tackle wider stakeholder concerns. For example, your calculations may prove that your product increases profitability, but does it also link back to the strategic objectives of the company? Your deal champion might not care about these things, but wider committee members will. 

In other words, the calculations must be more complex, but the calculators themselves must be easier to use and understood by customers. 

Minoa’s V2 ROI Calculator

We’ve seen hundreds of sales teams calculate their solutions’ ROI in Minoa. Based on their feedback, we redesigned our model from the ground up to build the new Minoa ROI Calculator. 

Traditional ROI calculators often take weeks (and a good deal of math knowledge) to edit and fine-tune to account for niche data points and considerations. Minoa’s V2 ROI calculator lets you create and update custom models easily and instantly. 

It’s also incredibly easy to use, meaning you can collaborate directly with your deal champion to input accurate and up-to-date data that proves your product’s value in a relevant way. 

The Minoa V2 ROI Calculator is part of the business case builder, as shown below: 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Minoa can help your GTM team sell on value in every single deal, book a demo here


What’s wrong with a traditional ROI calculator?

Traditional ROI calculators can be restrictive because they often require extensive time and mathematical expertise to adjust for specific data points and considerations. They can also be misused by GTM teams and may not always reflect the latest or most relevant data, which can undermine their accuracy and relevance.

What does the Minoa V2 ROI Calculator do?

The Minoa V2 ROI Calculator allows for instant updates and customization, making it far easier to use and more adaptable to specific needs. It supports direct collaboration with deal champions to input accurate and current data so that the calculations convincingly reflect the true value of the product.

Can the Minoa V2 ROI Calculator handle complex calculations while remaining user-friendly?

Yes, the Minoa V2 ROI Calculator is designed to handle complex calculations necessary for comprehensive value assessments while maintaining ease of use. This balance allows sales reps to efficiently collaborate with stakeholders to produce meaningful and persuasive ROI figures.

Can I learn more about the Minoa V2 ROI Calculator?

Sure! You can book a demo here

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Product Updates
Richard Einhorn
Richard Einhorn

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