We’re rethinking how enterprise sales is done

Gone are the days of cumbersome deal cycles and by-the-book sales pitches.
At Minoa, we're turning the tide in the B2B SaaS Sales landscape. Most enterprise sales teams are faced with lengthy negotiations, stringent evaluations from procurement or finance teams, and tricky renewal conversations. We offer a fresh solution that helps sellers articulate their product's value seamlessly - and close deals effectively.


Challenges In The Modern B2B SaaS Sales Landscape

The B2B SaaS sales landscape is constantly changing: reports by industry giants like A16z and Forrester highlight a 60% surge in customer interactions during enterprise sales. The challenge? Buyers are streamlining their tech stacks, cutting down on SaaS tools, and demanding clear proof of value and optimized pricing from vendors.

To secure these large enterprise deals and retain customers, sales teams must not only understand but also quantify the buyer's business outcomes and the direct ROI of new software investments.

Co-founders Max Elster and Richard Einhorn witnessed the widening gap between sales teams and the rapidly changing needs of customers. Minoa was conceived to bridge this gap, offering a platform that not only enhances value management but also revolutionizes pricing strategies.

At Minoa, we believe that the value-selling journey extends beyond deal closure. Our platform is designed to continuously measure value realization, aiding in crucial renewal discussions. We're shifting paradigms in how companies approach pricing decisions, offering tailored solutions based on comprehensive lifecycle data. Our clients gain unparalleled insights into their customers' willingness to pay, equipping sales teams with a powerful tool to navigate and win in the evolving market.

Our journey

Our Journey: Crafting the Minoa Difference

Vision & Values

Innovating for Impactful Sales Outcomes

At Minoa, we're not just imagining but actively constructing a future where mastering value and pricing becomes the norm. We are dedicated to developing a platform that goes beyond assisting in deal closures. Our aim is to support sales teams throughout their entire customer lifecycle — from initial engagement to successful renewals and everything in between.

Our ambition at Minoa is to pave the way for a new era in B2B SaaS sales. We aim to establish the definitive framework for modern pricing and value-selling, similar to how CRM systems revolutionized the management of sales opportunities. We don’t want to be just another SaaS tool; we want to be at the forefront, leading the charge towards a more efficient, effective, and collaborative sales process.

Meet the Team: The Minoa Engine Room

Behind Minoa's vision is a dynamic duo, Max Elster and Richard Einhorn, complemented by a team rich in diversity and expertise. United by a singular vision to transform enterprise sales, our team is a fusion of creativity and commitment, all dedicated to equipping sales teams with the tools they need to thrive in the competitive world of today.

Max Elster

As the co-founder and CEO, Max Elster is the driving force behind Minoa's commercial strategy. With a background in product management, Max leads the charge in sales and marketing, infusing his expertise to steer the product roadmap and company direction.

Richard Einhorn

Richard Einhorn, co-founder and CTO, is the technical mastermind at Minoa. As a seasoned software engineer, he is at the helm of the platform's development, ensuring that Minoa stays at the cutting edge of technology.

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Minoa redefines collaboration in sales, offering a lightweight, dynamic, and collaborative platform where your team and your customer's key players come together seamlessly. Leverage our rich library of templated use cases, intuitive ROI calculators, AI-powered value messaging, and more to sell on value consistently.

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Join the community of hundreds of top-performing enterprise sales teams with Minoa. Experience firsthand how our intuitive multiplayer sales platform transforms collaboration in sales and helps you win more deals.

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