One place for modern GTM teams to sell on value in every single deal

Co-create personalized business cases with every customer in a matter of minutes. No more spreadsheet work needed.

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Your buyers don't buy features anymore

The new economic situation impacts all sellers that don’t speak the language of the business. Your reps are caught up in feature selling and missing quota. It’s time for a change.

CFOs are everywhere

Small purchase decisions need approval from the C-Suite or the CFO now. They do not care about features anymore.

Scrutiny on purchase decisions

New deals and renewals are undergoing bureaucratic procurement processes. A simple problem statement does not suffice anymore.

Complex buying committees

Buying committees are sometimes as big as 15 people. Communicating value to multiple stakeholders does not happen with an email anymore.

Meet Minoa

Minoa enables enterprise sales teams to work with customers and draw a clear line from product features to business outcomes. Quantify impact accurately and articulate value effortlessly with our ready-to-use templates and ROI calculators.

Team up with the buyer to sell on impact, not features

Leverage our rich library of templated use cases, intuitive ROI calculators, AI-powered value messaging, and more to sell on value consistently.

With Minoa your GTM team will…

Minoa aligns your entire go-to-market team around the value your product can deliver.

Boost Deal Support

Boost Deal Support

Pre-Sales / Solution Engineers

Impact more deals and ensure that the product’s value is communicated in a delightful way.

Increase Win Rates

Increase Win Rates


Close deals faster, boost win rates, and increase deal size by selling business impact and ROI, not features.

Elevate Sales Efficiency

Elevate Sales Efficiency

Marketing / Sales Enablement

Provide sales team with the best use cases for each customer and receive insights into how your product is sold.

Drive Net Retention Rate

Drive Net Retention Rate

Customer Success

Increase your Net Revenue Retention (NRR) effortlessly by clearly communicating the value of your product in renewal and upselling discussions.

The numbers are in…

If we want to help you talk in terms of numbers, impact, and tangible results, why shouldn’t we do the same? Case in point: Some numbers that demonstrate Minoa’s tangible impact on enterprise sales outcomes.

11x faster

Create business cases at the speed of thought. Literally.

50% ↑ Win Rate

Crush more deals with a winning framework that just works.

Boost AOV by 30%

Enable customers to capture more value and increase your own deal ticket size and average ARR.

Hear it from our customers

See how leading GTM teams adopted Minoa to accelerate sales, improve win rates, increase LTV, and boost average deal size.

“Minoa’s value framework enables the entire GTM team to align on how we sell our product. We used spreadsheets before, but they were too difficult to scale and collaborate on - especially in a smaller value team.”


Value Engineer


“Minoa enables my pre-sales and post-sales teams to focus on selling outcomes as they face an increased number of stakeholders, leading to faster sales cycles and higher win rates.”


Chief Revenue Officer


“Minoa’s platform has made it possible to build a great-looking business case in just a few minutes. It's personalized for the customer and developed in collaboration with the champion.”


Account Executive


“My CSMs have been able to build ROI-focused business cases for QBRs, EBRs, and asynchronous check-ins, leading to a much better understanding of our product’s impact from the customer's perspective.”


Customer Success Leader


Sell business value
, not features

Experience firsthand how our intuitive multiplayer sales platform transforms collaboration in sales and helps you win more deals.

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