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Win bigger deals and realize the full value of your product by collaboratively working with your customers. Scale your value-selling efforts and empower your sales team to grow revenue more effectively.

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How Minoa works

Minoa enables your sales team to quickly build full-fledged value cases, reduce discounting, and cut the time to close a deal. Here's how it works.

"The startup's approach could very well be the magic formula that not only gets more deals over the line, potentially transforming the future of SaaS sales."

"Minoa already convinced investors [...] as it recently closed $2.7 million in an oversubscribed pre-seed round from a group of investors deep in the enterprise software world."

See how Minoa empowers your team

Grow your revenue with Minoa.

Minoa guarantees that CROs' teams can streamline their processes around value-selling, quoting, and pricing across the organization.

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Equip all your reps with the structure to base prices on value, not on features

Sell larger deals by leading the conversation around a sophisticated value case

Drive sales efficiency around quoting and approval workflows

Learn more about value selling

Learn how to involve your customers in the creation of a compelling value narrative that helps you increase conversion rates and close deals faster.

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