Create business cases that close deals

Minoa enables B2B SaaS businesses to sell consistently and repeatably on outcomes rather than features. Co-create compelling business cases with the customer and help them measure ROI accurately in minutes.

Manage use case
Calculate ROI
Edit and send business cases

Close deals faster

Speed up lengthy sales cycles by leveraging our pre-defined use case templates so you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

Collaborative Business Cases

Minoa provides a multiplayer sales and customer experience that lets sales teams and buying committees work together to create business cases that convert.

Custom ROI Dashboard

Through an intuitive ROI dashboard, customers get a bird’s eye view of the ROI so they can rest assured that their investment is paying off.

Bring your customer's pain points and your best value prop together

Address pain points in a language that your customer can relate to and smoothen the sales discovery process.

Business Cases Rooted in Popular Sales Frameworks

Our rich template library is inspired by BANT, MEDDICC, SPICED, and other sales methodologies. Drive adoption with your existing sales frameworks.

Collaborative Sales

Invite all relevant stakeholders to the same table and create a business case that uncovers all customer pain points and challenges. Together.

Fred from sales

Personalize business cases at scale

Minoa makes it easy for your go-to-market team to have a repeatable and delightful process to build business cases.

High Degree of Customization

Change business cases at will. Our tool enables you to edit even the smallest details, ensuring customers get highly personalized business cases that fit their context.

Use Case Library

A templatized shopping card of use case will make it easy for every rep to pick and choose the best use case to offer.

Calculate value with the right proof-points

Link case studies, benchmarks and references to every value calculation - to avoid any confusion for the customer.

Calculate value with the right proof-points

The Minoa Value Framework

Use our proprietary value framework to build a consistent and repeatable sales process that focuses on value capture & ROI and not on pitching a list of features.

The Minoa Value Framework

Collaborate in real-time with champion

Invite all relevant stakeholders to co-build the business case. The customer will only believe in it if they build it with you.

Collaborate in real-time with champion

Automate business case with AI

Save time writing down a business case by leveraging Minoa's AI to write the narrative for you.

Automate business case with AI

Integrated with your sales workflows

Minoa is friends with all your favorite tools & platforms and works seamlessly with each. You name it, we have it.


Hear it from our customers

See how leading GTM teams adopted Minoa to accelerate sales, improve win rates, increase LTV, and boost average deal size.

“Minoa’s value framework enables the entire GTM team to align on how we sell our product. We used spreadsheets before, but they were too difficult to scale and collaborate on - especially in a smaller value team.”


Value Engineer


“Minoa enables my pre-sales and post-sales teams to focus on selling outcomes as they face an increased number of stakeholders, leading to faster sales cycles and higher win rates.”


Chief Revenue Officer


“Minoa’s platform has made it possible to build a great-looking business case in just a few minutes. It's personalized for the customer and developed in collaboration with the champion.”


Account Executive


“My CSMs have been able to build ROI-focused business cases for QBRs, EBRs, and asynchronous check-ins, leading to a much better understanding of our product’s impact from the customer's perspective.”


Customer Success Leader


Still have questions? No worries, we’ve got answers

How does it work to create a business case if I am a seller?

It's easy. You pick your account and opportunity, then select the use case you need from your library of use case that your team has added for you. Work with your customer to collect a few inputs for the quantification, and we crunch the numbers for you, including ROI. We'll even help you craft a persuasive story using tools like Gong recordings. Share your business case in a few clicks, all with your champion's help and you’re done. It takes a few minutes instead of hours and is more collaborative than any spreadsheet you can imagine.

Do you integrate with Salesforce?

Yes, we have a strong Salesforce integration that keeps all of your account and opportunity data in sync. What’s more, you can install the Minoa Salesforce app to see, create, and edit your business case right from the Opportunity view in Salesforce - no need to switch between tools or manually copy-paste data back and forth.

Can I customize the product to my needs?

Certainly! Our product is highly customizable. Each of our customers has unique metrics to gauge their product's impact, and they can tailor it extensively to suit their needs. This ensures that your sellers always have access to the latest and most relevant use cases for effective selling.

Do you support typical sales frameworks, such as Command of the Message?

We are big fans of frameworks and methods in sales. Explore our variety of templates, including the Command of the Message framework, designed to empower all sellers in crafting compelling customer narratives based on your preferred framework.

Do you have any AI functionality?

We've already introduced AI features, like creating value messages from video recordings. Imagine a scenario where you don't have to create the storyline yourself; we handle at least 80% of it for you. How convenient is that?

team up with the buyer
 to sell on impact, not features

Minoa redefines collaboration in sales, offering a lightweight, dynamic, and multiplayer platform where your team and the customer's key players come together seamlessly. Leverage our rich library of templated use cases, intuitive ROI calculators, AI-powered value messaging, and more to sell on value consistently.

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