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Richard Einhorn
Richard Einhorn
Jun 25, 2024
Jun 25, 2024

It’s no secret that enterprise SaaS budgets are getting harder to access. Sales cycles are longer, CFO scrutiny is more intense, and buying committees are bigger–sometimes up to 20 people

Most go-to-market (GTM) teams have already adapted by shifting their focus from the product’s cost to its value. In other words, reducing the emphasis on the bill and instead zeroing in on how the solution: 

  • Lowers risk. 
  • Boosts a profit. 
  • Reduces running costs. 
  • Enhances the buyer’s own product offering. 

Crucially, value selling hinges on having the right data to prove a solution and working closely with the buyer to make the business case as relevant and accurate as possible. 

But is this easier said than done?

Although value selling isn’t a new concept, many GTM teams lack the tools to do it quickly and consistently. Moreover, Account Executives (AEs) and Solution Consultants often need to be much more involved in value-oriented conversations.

Approaches are rarely unified. For example, some team members might use Excel and others PowerPoint to build business cases that prove value. Likewise, relevant data is usually scattered, collected on one platform and then processed and displayed on different ones – often all without the buyer’s direct input. ROI calculators are often equally as complex. 

Not only does this take time, but it also makes it harder to track results or onboard new team members into a value-selling approach. Most importantly, the complexity and disunity make customer collaboration much harder. 

Reliable value frameworks 

Minoa is a single unified value selling tool that makes it easy for buyers and sellers to work together and input data in real time. This means that you can create robust business cases the second you get off a call with a prospect. 

We worked with some of the world’s most successful GTM teams, so every output will automatically include the essentials:

  • A summary of relevant use cases. 
  • An adjustable ROI calculation.
  • All the necessary collateral, such as documents and case studies, that help your buyer understand your product. 

There’s a right way to sell on value, and it involves collaborating with your customer in every deal to create the best possible business case. Minoa makes this quick, easy, and accessible. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our proprietary value framework, you can book a demo here. 


How does Minoa support the value-selling process?

Minoa is a value-selling tool that allows buyers and sellers to collaborate and input data in real-time. Ultimately, it enables GTM teams to create robust business cases immediately after discussions with prospects, making the value-selling process quicker, easier, and more consistent.

How does Minoa simplify customer collaboration?

Minoa provides a single platform for real-time data input and collaboration between buyers and sellers, thereby streamlining the complex and drawn-out business-case-building process. 

What’s included in Minoa’s business case outputs? 

Minoa includes features like a summary of relevant use cases, an adjustable ROI calculation, and access to necessary collateral such as documents and case studies. 

Can I see Minoa in action or learn more about it?

Sure! You can book a demo here.

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Richard Einhorn
Richard Einhorn

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