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Richard Einhorn
Richard Einhorn
Jun 4, 2024
Jun 4, 2024

Telling a story is one of the simplest and most powerful tools in a salesperson’s arsenal. Controlling the narrative, however, is much harder.

Enterprise buying committees are getting bigger, sometimes up to 20 people. This is where your solution gets challenged, questions get raised, and the budget is allocated. The problem is, you probably won’t ever speak to most of the members face-to-face, but they’ll be the ones choosing to buy your product or not. 

Telling a compelling story becomes even harder when you have to account for the different interests of each stakeholder. Chief Information Security Officers will care about how secure a solution is, Chief Financial Officers about the impact on budget, etc. 

It’s a catch-22 for sales reps: more questions are being asked, and there are fewer opportunities to address them, as you won’t always be able to meet every stakeholder. 

Your deal champion

Of course, you’re not alone. You’re deal champion will be doing most of the upfront work to convince each buying committee member. So, if you’ve built your business case alongside your champion and armed them with the right collateral, they’ll have an easier time pushing your solution through. 

However, one person can only do so much. And, given that 30% of buying committees don’t reach a decision at all, there’s definitely room for you to step in. 

And, while you probably aren’t going to be invited to many committee meetings, you can make your voice heard – figuratively and literally. 


Minoa Talktracks lets you record your screen, voice, and camera so that you can share your message with every stakeholder who looks at your business case.

It’s more personal than standard collateral, like a PDF document or a PowerPoint. It also takes some of the pressure of presenting off your deal champion and gives you greater control over the narrative. In turn, this:

  • Keeps buyers engaged. 
  • Drives urgency.
  • Aligns stakeholders. 

There are hardly any enterprise buying committees where every member attends every meeting (if you know of one, please let me know). But this doesn’t mean you can’t still speak to them. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our Talktracks, you see our demo video below 👇


What is a Minoa Talktrack? 

Talktracks, part of the Minoa value selling tool, combines screen, voice, and camera recordings into one cohesive tool. 

What benefits does using Talktracks provide over traditional sales collateral?

Unlike static collateral such as PDFs or PowerPoints, Talktracks offers a personal and engaging way to communicate with buying committees. It keeps buyers engaged, drives urgency, and ensures alignment among stakeholders by delivering a consistent and controlled message.

How can Talktracks impact the decision-making process of buying committees?

By providing a personal and direct way to communicate with committee members, Talktracks helps overcome communication barriers in large groups to align stakeholders and keep engagement high throughout the decision-making process.

Can Talktracks be used if the sales representative isn’t invited to committee meetings?

Yes, Talktracks is specifically designed for scenarios where sales representatives are not present at committee meetings. It allows them to still "speak" to committee members by providing recorded presentations that can be accessed at any time by the stakeholders.

Can I see Talktracks in action?

Sure! You can book a demo here

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Product Updates
Richard Einhorn
Richard Einhorn

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