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Richard Einhorn
Richard Einhorn
May 28, 2024
Jun 5, 2024

In enterprise sales today, you need to prove your solutions’ value – especially to a Chief Financial Officer. To convincingly prove value, you need a business case. And to build a good business case, you need data.  

Almost every modern-day sales framework focuses on data to some extent. For example, metrics (which are dependent on data) is the first word of the MEDDICC framework. 

You can get most of this data from research and great discovery questions, but at some point, you’ll need contributions from your champion. 

Reluctant to Share? 

Champions are often reluctant to share important company information for a business case. 

  • They might not understand why certain parts are important. 
  • Maybe they have some security concerns. 
  • They’re probably busy, so if you leave it too late, they’ll struggle to find time.
  • They might not even know what data to put where–a common problem if you’re using bulky and complicated Excel spreadsheets. 

Of course, working closely with a deal champion and building trust is one way around this. But that doesn’t deal with the fundamental issue of complexity. If a deal champion doesn’t necessarily know what to share, of the user interface isn’t simple, much of what’s needed can still be lost. 

Simple and Global Data Inputs 

We built Minoa from the ground up to guide users in asking for the right data points to quantify the value of their solution. Moreover, this can be done directly with your deal champion through an easy-to-use interface. Not only does it enable you to get the right data, but it also enhances collaboration—two birds with one stone. 

To further save time, enhance accuracy and reduce the risk of human error, once a user changes a data point (like employee headcount or deal size), the business case is updated globally. 

At the end of the day, it’s your deal champion who has to convince the buying committee. Empowering them with the right data is the most reliable way to build confidence and increase their chance to push the deal through. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Minoa simplifies data in business cases, you can book a demo here.


How does Minoa Improve Collaboration?

We designed Minoa to enhance collaboration by simplifying the process of building business cases with prospects. Its simple user interface guides users in inputting the correct data in the right places, making it easier and quicker to quantify a deal's value.

What is a Global Data Input? 

The Global Data Input features allow for business cases to be updated easily. When key metrics like employee headcount or deal size are altered, the changes are automatically updated across the entire business case and across multiple use cases that are offered to the customer. 

What is Minoa? 

Minoa is a platform designed to help sales reps build business cases collaboratively with their prospects. 

Can I See Data Points In Action? 

Sure! If you want to see how Minoa can simplify the data input process when building business cases, you can book a demo here.

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Richard Einhorn
Richard Einhorn

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