Five Reasons Why Minoa Beats Your Spreadsheet Every Single Time
Max Elster
Max Elster
Mar 26, 2024
Mar 26, 2024

At Minoa, we help sales teams realise the full value of their product by working collaboratively with customers. 

We often get asked: "Why can't I use my spreadsheet for that?" 

It’s a fair question, especially since over 2 billion individuals use spreadsheets globally. However, relying only on spreadsheets can compromise your team’s productivity and collaborative potential.

Here are five reasons why Minoa beats your spreadsheet every single time:

ROI calculator models, graphics, and templates

Minoa comes equipped with built-in ROI calculator models, graphics, and templates, so building a mutual business case and proving ROI is easy. You can do this in Excel, but doing it well requires a certain level of technical competency, which isn’t a certainty – up to 90% of spreadsheets contain errors

Furthermore, creating a mutual business case requires collaboration with the deal champion, making the skill barrier in Excel a potential hurdle. Minoa is simpler, easier, and built to create business cases, making it more accessible to your customers. 


Analysing sales metrics has been widely recognised for optimising sales performance. As Dave Elkington, CEO and founder of, said:

“You must create a data-driven sales culture. Data trumps intuition”.

When using business cases, Minoa equips your sales team with precise feedback and analytics on open rates, customer engagement and the impact of business cases on win rates and average ARR. In-depth analysis is essential in identifying the weaknesses and opportunities within your sales processes, thereby paving the way for significant improvements in the long run.

Customer Collaboration

Collaborating closely with your deal champion is vital to creating the most relevant mutual business case to navigate buying committees successfully. Minoa is built from the ground up to enable this collaboration; the deal champion can easily access and edit a business case without prior experience. 

Unlike spreadsheets, Minoa’s interface is simple and appealing, meaning deal champions are proud to present it in stakeholder discussions.

Integration into Tech Stack

In a world of point-based solutions, disconnected tech stacks are common in many companies. To do their job, sales reps must remember several file types, workflows and apps. It’s estimated that employees can waste almost 40% of their time navigating disparate tools.

By comparison, businesses that use an integrated sales tech stack can see a 34% increase in productivity. Minoa can integrate with your CRM, meaning reps no longer have to waste porting over details or information from various sources to create a business case.

Sell a business case, not just ROI 

To win more deals, sellers need to present a business case that covers more than just the ROI. It must also include a value message that is linked to the core problems and priorities of the customer. Preparing a spreadsheet for a customer will only go as far as it’s put into a business case structure. Oftentimes, this is being missed out. 

Minoa created the necessary framework to help a seller build a business case that combines the strengths of an ROI with the important elements of a value message – enabling every seller to build on a proven structure. 


While spreadsheets have been the go-to tool for many sales teams, they can often limit productivity and collaborative potential. On the other hand, Minoa offers a range of features that can make the creation of mutual business cases faster, easier, and more accessible. 

From ROI calculator models and precise feedback to customer collaboration and integration into tech stacks, Minoa is designed to help sales teams realise the full value of their product. 

So, if you want to create clear, illustrative, and simple business cases without the expertise barriers and communication hurdles, Minoa is the way to go. 

Don't hesitate to book a demo today.

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Max Elster
Max Elster

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